TAP108: Interview with Memory Items App founder



Paul Johnson
24 Jan 2021 03:42 AM
Hi guys, Listened to this episode a few days ago. Downloaded the Memory items app and discovered that the price is nowhere near what was quoted in the podcast. Wrote a really long Comment about cost of app and just deleted it! I went back to the podcast and listened again. The title of the podcast says Interview with Memory Items App founder. The app is of course EasyMemoryItem App. Problem, there is a Memory Items app which is very expensive in comparison. I think you only mention the app name perhaps once in the podcast. Maybe you could change the title of the podcast to be clearer and easier to find. Keep up the great work, love the podcast, I’ve previously given a5 star and am subscribed to the lounge. Well done! Paul
Tino Janke
13 Sep 2023 08:25 AM
The app's pricing model is very clear and extremely affordable compared to other products. Due to the great complexity of the app, we will introduce a multi-tier pricing model in the future so that a user only has to pay for what they use. Since the app is constantly being expanded in terms of content and functionality, it is worth taking a regular look at the app or website. https://easymemoryitem.com/

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