TAP022: A320 Pneumatics

04 Apr 2017 09:13


This system supplies high pressure air for air conditioning, engine starting, wing anti - icing, water pressurisation and hydraulic reservoir pressurisation. There are quite a few differences between the CEO and NEO aircraft so we will try and cover them in this episode. 


There are 3 high pressure sources: Engine bleed systems, APU load compressor and the HP ground connection. A crossbleed duct interconnects the engine bleed systems and receives air from the APU and ground sources when required. There is a valve mounted in this duct which allows the left and right side of the system to be interconnected. 


The system is controlled by 2 bleed management computers, BMC1 and BMC2. 


A leak detection system detects any overheating in the hot air ducts. 

Scenario of the week - You get an ECAM caution AIR L WING LEAK. What actions will you have to take? can you continue to destination or do you need to divert? Have a think about it, consult the FCOM and let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page or via twitter. 



Duration: 11:51


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