TAP012: A320 Fuel System (Part 2)

17 Jan 2017 00:04

This week is part two of our fuel episodes. If you didn't listen to last weeks episode then go back and download it before listening to this one. 


This week's scenario is one that is commonly given in the sim for assessments and checks. Fuel leak. So in the climb, before you've done a fuel check, you get the fuel page come up with the right wing tank fuel quantities pulsing. What checks do you make initially? Think about information gathering from all your resources. Then how are you going to manage the situation? This is a common scenario because it requires a range of skills to be demonstrated because theres checklists to do, possible single engine handling, faliure management, diversions and all under the time pressure caused by lack of fuel. Head over to our facebook page facebook.com/a320podcast and leave your thoughts on there.


Duration: 20:09


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