TAP004: AirAsia Accident

04 Nov 2016 15:39

This week we look at the Air Asia accident where the crew ended up loosing control of the aircraft at high altitude. We've saved you the effort of looking at the 200+ page report but if you wish to read it fully yourself then you can download it by going to the following link,



The episode has the details of the event but below are some points to take away from this event.

We can’t prevent external factors like a dodgy solder joint or engineers not fixing an issue but we can minimise those effects on our flight and, as we've already mentioned, there are some fundamental rules which if the crew had followed this accident wouldn't have happened. 

  • follow SOPs and use standard phraseology
  • Never do a reset thats not in the QRH unless specifically told to by engineers.
  • Discuss issues between you and use a structure like DODAR or GRADE
  • Improve our knowledge of the stall so we can recognise it and correct respond to it.

Keywords: air, asia, stall, airbus, a320

Duration: 32:30

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Arunit Mukherjee
25 Nov 2018 03:18 PM
As the max bank angle went up to almost 105 degrees, they would even have to use manual pitch trim, as the alternate law would have degraded to abnormal attitude law. In AALaw, pitch trim freezes. To get a nose down att of almost 30 deg to get out of stall, I suppose a nose down trim would have helped. Any lights on this idea? Thanks, Arunit

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