TAP002: The Air Conditioning System

10 Sep 2016 20:47

In this episode we take a look at air conditioning.

Here's our summary of the flow from engine to outlet vent.

On each side of the system, the bleed air leaves the engine and passes through the pack control valve and into the mixer unit. As the name suggests, it's then mixed with recirculated air from the cabin. The air leaves the mixer unit and before entering either the cabin or the cockpit, trim air valves add hot air to make it the correct temperature. This is hot bleed air which is tapped off just before it enters the packs.

The Reference for this is FCOM-DSC-21-10


The scenario of the week

Dispatch with AIR PACK 1 inop

In the Cruise you get AIR Pack 2 OVHT


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Duration: 22:02


29 Sep 2017 10:43 PM
I would not turn the remaining pack to off, because this would induce a depressurization. First I would start a descent and during the descent I would select warmer air in the regulator zones, reducing the remaining pack workload.
25 Apr 2018 01:28 PM
With a pack overheat, the associated pack flow control valve closes automatically in the event of a pack overheating (outlet temp > 260°C or outlet temp > 230°C four times in one flight). This leads to a slow cabin depressurisation since both packs are now off. If there are simultaneous faults with both packs as in this case, ram air can be used to control the depressuisation further. You would still need to descend to FL100 (or MEA if higher). If a PACK button FAULT light subsequently extinguishes (i.e. its now cooled down), an attempt should be made to reinstate that pack. Never seen what this would be like for real but maybe you wouldn't need to don the masks and carry out an emergency descent if this is diagnosed quickly. Not sure.
1 Feb 2019 10:44 AM
I agree with your statement about design flaw in not displaying if external air conditioning is connected or not. However, there is a way of finding out if it is connected or not. With packs not supplying air. Open the eye ball vent (next to the pfd) Turn off the cabin fans. If there is still an air flow out of the vent then external air conditioning is working. If not, then all air flow out of vent will stop.

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