Sichuan A319 windshield failure

29 May 2018 10:25

This week Matt discusses a windshield failure which also damaged the FCU causing the loss of autopilot!


Duration: 07:58

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30 May 2018 02:59 AM
Hi great podcast as usual. In regards to your comment about a fully automated (pilotless) aircraft, I believe if/when such aircraft are developed the flight management computers will be tucked away safely deep inside the aircraft and the requirement for human interaction will be eliminated - so many of the exposed interfaces will simply not exists. Much of the current systems exist purely for pilot input/monitoring. Also the ability for a ground based pilot to take over will likely be possible (similar to military drones operated from ground stations). But lets face it, the pilotless scenario will not exist until the trusting driverless vehicle & automation generation become the majority.

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